The Black Lesbian Archives was created on June 25, 2017 to bring awareness, build our Community, Educate & Preserve our Culture. While bridging intergenerational gaps.  


After watching 'The Last Lesbian Bars' documentary then doing some research on Lesbian history I noticed that there was a lack of digital representation of Black Lesbians on the web and local physical resources. IE: libraries, archives, etc. This hub is for Black Lesbians, allies & the LGBTQIA+ community to submit Black Lesbian Archives (articles, posters, flyers, mixtapes, videos, photos, audio, publication, poetry, etc of Black Lesbians to this outlet in efforts to preserve the stories of our lives.


You can submit to blacklesbianarchives@gmail.com  for archive inquiries, questions, etc. Thank you for your support. Let's keep [BLA] alive!


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- Krü Maekdo

- Krü Maekdo
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